Enid helps turn brands into bona fide businesses that resound.

Enid is London-based brand marketing consultant Jordanne Young and a global network of handpicked collaborators, specialising in the meeting point of comms, creative and commerce, to create a unique amplification studio.

Supporting brands going through things is what we do - whether that’s starting up, or 
looking to change. We're the intro and outro to your creative efforts.

Why amplification? Because there's a lot of noise around brand marketing that pits commerce and creative against one another; whereas we see an ideal collaboration. So, we look to work with partners that are on our wavelength.


Brand strategy naming your brand distilling your message crafting captivating and convincing comms connecting with your consumer strategy formulating process and team structure forging collaborations consulting on creations did we say strategy? interim head of brand marketing support writing launching brands navigating crises sharing your brand with thought leaders and tastemakers charting innovations mapping industry challenges constantly consuming culture managing events designing creating curating content creative directing shooting training and supporting teams (HQ and retail) coordinating reviewing and doing it all again.

Just some of the things we do here that fall under amplification. Oh, and karaoke, cat-sitting and curating playlists.

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